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A CDS®  is  one who  has completed the Certified Divorce Specialists (CDS®) Program – a comprehensive training for professionals in various industries who wish to provide better services to their divorcing clients.

Professionals who complete the Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS®) Program:

  • Have a holistic understanding of important legal, financial, mental health and residential implications on the divorce process.

  • Know the various stages their clients will be experiencing based on the type of divorce process they have chosen such as mediation, collaborative or litigation.

  • Are aware of the many legal, financial, mental health and residential professionals that are an important part of the process and when they might be needed for their divorcing clients.

  • Have access to fellow CDS® Alumni from across the country that can be valuable resources for divorcing clients.

  • Have learned unique tools to help communicate more effectively with their divorcing clients and provide a better experience.

  • Understand the implications divorce has on children and are committed to consider their best interest throughout the process.

  • Recognize the emotional distress divorce causes and believe in supporting clients with empathy and individualized attention.

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